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I loved it

I mean i only managed to get about 15 books in, as i started in mid-late highschool and now i have been in university for 3 years (no time to read )...but i have heard it all, my brother likes to convince himself he knows all SW EU and tried on many occassions to insult this series having never even read a page. Hate that, i mean if you dont like it after reading it, then fine everyone deserves an opinion.

But i found the style of writing was a more mature one than many series employ, i found it not so biased, such as movies are (i.e. everyone says "he is a main caharacter he cant die").

I mean i was PISSED when they killed my favorite character in Vector Prime! PISSED! but the way they did it had me emotional and amped up and just totally hooked to the series from that point on, i mean AWESOME WRITING.

not gonna lie some of the books get kinda boring, but if you dont mind a little thick plot and some politics, then the wait for the action is not that long, and when they give you action in this series they deliver the whole package!

Pretty much what Astro said, I love that this series gives a new enemy. i mean i have read and watched so much about the empire and the little guys in the white and black stormtrooper outfits. the Yuuzahn vong give a new fresh thing to get into. i mean how can you hate that? I love this series, i LOVE the characters; Jacen, anikan, jaina, the bringing back of calrisian...han is still a bad ass. and for once leia is not just a bump on a log....GREAT i am all amped and have to go read the next book. peace out fellow SW FANS!

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