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Originally Posted by battle111 View Post
Au man!! thank's for nothing Disney !! first they Destryed TCW now Lucasarts get's shut down and all the project like a new Kotor or a JK game gets canceled forever thank's for nothing Disney
Actualy JK wasn't cancled.They never thought on making one as far as i know.KOTOR III...i don't know.As far as i know everything is just a rumor.The same goes for RC.George Lucas shouldn't have sold his company.He should have and could have made the 3 movies he had in mind,he could have made some games other than TFU and TOR and so much more.His descission to sell his company for such a low price is illogical...unless that he really didn't want to bother with SW anymore.He himsel said that SW is preventing him from other projects(just like in the past) but that did not ment that he should give it away to someone who will ruin it(Every destruction has a begining.Lucas Arts going out of the picture is obviously the first majour step).

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