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Day of the Tentacle and/or Full Throttle "making of" video(s) may exist?

Here's what I found:

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YouTube Video

This is an episode of an old TV series "Multimedia Gulch", dedicated to games and other "multimedia products". Info from Planet Pictures website (probably a production company):

A behind the scenes look at how multi media products are created, from CD-ROMs, to games, to movie special effects. This series is interesting to children and adults, much like a series about how a feature film was made would be of interest to all ages. A Knowledge TV Production. 14 x '30. Production year: 1994-1995.
But the most interesting part is the intro of "Multimedia Gulch", with screens from Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and Sam & Max: Hit the Road (if I'm not mistaken). It clearly suggests an episode (or maybe more episodes!) dedicated to LucasArts adventure games. I could sell most of my body parts to see this episode(s). Who's with me?

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