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K_Kinnison, yes, you told about those troubles in cross-platform video games where console players has no chances against that ones who uses to play on PCs. But, once again, you talking about FPS and RTS games where PC players widely uses mouse in keyboard+mouse controls, while console players must handle with gamepad only, of cause, having lot of disadvantages in comparison to PC players.

But in flight simulators like XWA there is no mouse being used during the flight, we use there joystick+keyboard controls, so i think that all XWA controls can be easily implemented in gamepad. Flight, engine controls, weapon selection, targeting and energy balance... everything! With no roll out menus or complicated trees of choice, just by combinations of buttons. Complicated? Yes, not that easy. But remember how many times we crashed while learning of PC controls in StarWars: X-wing, Tie-fighter and then XWA! So in console version there's just enough to make some sort of tutorial and training missions to let console flying pilots to understand everything and improve their skills of controls to level of automatism.

In other words i want to say that we are hypnotized with lot of examples where console players cannot match with PC players only because of console controls disadvantages. But we always forget that all of those games uses mouse+keyboard, while XWA uses joystick+keyboard scheme that in fact are just some sort of a "gamepad emulator". That's why i sure that console players in XWA-alike flight simulator will have absolutely no disadvantages in comparison to PC players. I should sooner believe that console players will have advantages, making PC players to shout "it's unfair!". XWA-alike game CAN be cross-platform, i believe in this.

And, even if somebody wants to play with console, but don't want to use gamepad... what can stop him/her from buying a keyboard and joystick? Modern consoles lets easily to switch such of twopenny-halfpenny devices (with emulator through USB, of cause), that is available to buy even in the sh!ttest village of Zimbabwe. Lucasarts (and Microsoft) was ready to make "press A to win" games for Kinect, hoping that players will be ready to buy such of exotic device to play the game, but they were afraid to make a game that should just possibly demand player to buy a keyboard. Where's logic?

That's it, something like that.

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