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Dune SeaCaton stood perched above a tall sand dune, watching the chaos ensue below. He had just recently gone through the ship wreckage and killed what few survivors there were. There is only one last link - the damnable soldier that almost killed him. He laid prone on the sand, having dug himself a small niche in the sand. Instead of shooting at the body, he instead chose to aim at the human who leaning against the sand dune. He aimed at his left kneecap, and fired. He figured that he'd leave the two for the Sand People, and once they entered the ship, he'd go and ensure that the soldier would be dead.

Elyshar's Ship

"I'm Enobaria, a former Republic operative." She put a hand on her right hip. "My words and my vibroblades are equally lethal. Both are to be used against the Empire, and to find my contact, Zothressk."

"Was it wise to just announce your whole mission like that? What if it turns out that one of your companions is an Imperial Spy?", Elyshar said. "You should learn to be more reserved. I'd expect a Republic Spy to know better than to blurt out her entire mission. Do you even know who any of your companions are?"

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