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((Sorry for the wait. Hope you all enjoy this chapter))


Broonmark and Jaesa both looked at him with confused looks on their faces while Quinn narrowed his eyes. Pierce clenched his fists together as he watched the image smile.

"You should have made sure I was dead before you left me in that tomb Wrath. I will admit that you left me badly wounded but I was still alive. I did more than survive Wrath...I thrived in that force forsaken tomb. I became stronger than I could have dreamed of becoming as Baras's apprentice."

Toryal narrowed his eyes. "That tomb was full of sith who were fighting amongst themselves to prove themselves worthy of becoming sith. The only thing of value in the tomb was the lightsaber that I retrieved. By all rights you should have died if a single acolyte had seen you in your wounded state."

Vemrin laughed for a moment and for just a moment...Toryal thought he could see something in Vemrin's eyes...something that disturbed him deeply.

"You found what you knew was there. You took it and you left without exploring the tomb. I was alone in that tomb for nearly four days. I was forced to sustain myself using the force. I was near death when I found this." The holographic image of Vemrin reached down and pulled a small triangular object off of his belt and he laughed again.

"A holocron." Toryal muttered as he turned to look at Vette who Vemrin was staring at. Vette was trying not to make eye contact with him. She knew what would have happend if it was Vemrin who had triumphed at the end of the trials. She would have been killed as soon as she had completed her task and she knew it.

"Vemrin. I suggest that you stop staring at her and focus on me. What did you learn from the Holocron? And how exactly did you escape Korriban without being killed?"

Vemrin laughed. "I learned. I learned techniques that even the most powerful sith would think twice about using. Using one of these techniques I was able to drain the life force of everyone who was in that tomb in less than an hour. I became strong...Stronger then I have ever been."

Toryal's eyes narrowed again as a sudden thought went through his mind as he remembered a datapad that he had read back in the academy. Is it possible that he did more then drain the life away from the others?

"Vemrin...what did you do? What else did you drain besides the life force of the others?" He asked quietly. The Emperor's Wrath was getting slightly nervous. Was it possible that the holocron that Vermrin had found was the one that the Sith had been seaching for for years?"

Vemrin paused for a moment as though he was hearing another person's voice before turning to look at Toryal. "I can hear them all in my mind...all the time. Their cries of despair and terror as they their life was drained away. I did more than take their strength."

Vemrin laughed.

"I absorbed their souls."

Toryal shook his head. "You've gone mad Vemrin. You should have just stayed in that tomb because now I have no choice but to stop you. What you have done could destroy the Empire if someone else finds that holocron." He turned to look at Quinn.

"You said our weapons system were partially back online. Bring them online and blast us a way into that station. Whatever the cost. We need to stop him before he escapes."

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