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Caves of the Dune Sea, Tusken Raider Hideout

(("Your offer intrigues me. I wear a small piece of armor that I took from one of the troopers before I was knocked out back on Kashyyyk. I will assist you but If I finally do meet the squad that took my family from me I will expect you to aid me in killing them."))

Zothressk nodded. "I give you my word of honor."

Pulling away from the bars he looked over at Kelarra, then back at the wookie. "There's a few things I need to prepare, but i'll have you, and the jedi out of here by dawn."

Dune Sea

The tuskens pulled back for a moment after the jedi's force waves, but that didn't last very long. The tusken sniper saw the human he had been trying to kill fall over and assumed he was dead. He quickly switched targets and took aim. Some of the tuskens on the ground saw Ruurrhra and his group waiting on sand hills and charged towards them, easing the pressure on Varias.

Ruurrhra shouted to his men that they had been spotted and ordered them to kill the attackers. They took aim with their blasters and fired, cutting down the frontline of the gaffi stick tuskens. Several grenades were thrown, sending tuskens along with piles of sand into the air. "Don't let them get up the hill!" Ruurrhra bellowed. A few of them made it to the top of the slope, but were killed shortly after by Ruurrhra and his vibroblade. Tusken raider corpses tumbled down the slope and collided into other tuskens, trying to make their way up. They don't stand a chance. Ruurrhra thought, pleased with himself.

Lets rock and role play!
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