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Things you like to do with the JA source code

I considered that once the source code for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy was published, we can show things that we like that were made through the source code. These are my ideas for the single player of Jedi Academy.

1. A lightshield that can rise by clicking the right mouse button and protect you from direct hits from blasters, missiles, disruptor rifle ray, concussion rifle projectiles, among others.

2. A lightsaber that pressing a button will become lightwhip and through the Force that has long range.

3. Improve the ​​enemy and ally AI.

4. Improve the graphics.

5. Faster blasters and most shooters to carry heavy weapons.

6. Firearms must be recharged.

7. Animations for unsheathe weapons.

8. A limit of three weapons more the saber for the player.

9. Self-regenerative shield for both the player and the Force users enemies and allies.

10. Force push and Force pull could be fired as fast as you press the buttons, could be loaded and could be regulated in scope and breadth: the extreme are long range but would only reach an individual and have a 360 degrees but only short range.

11. Force speed would spend Force points only gradually and could be deactivated immediately to press the Force speed button.

12. Force users enemies and allies could trigger Force speed without you I've activated first.

13. Force sense passive as radar and Force sense active as night vision.

14. Force health passive in the highest level.

15. Mind trick as invisibility or adopt the appearance of an enemy.

16. Force absorb and Force protect would only be activated while you're pressing the buttons.

17. Force lightning would like a natural lightning and it could be regulated to shoot continuously or on timely manner and in scope and breadth.

18. Force rage passive is activated only if you hit multiple enemies in a row.

19. Force grip would do only harm enemies without raising them, but at the highest level could instantly kill several non-Force users and long range.

20. Force drain only deprive you of life, not Force points.

21. New Force powers: psychokinesis, with which you can grasp inert and living objets without making them damage, pyrokinesis, which allows you to attack with fire and criokinesis that lets you attack with freeze.

22. A grapple hook.

23. To hold the edges of a platform.

What thoughts do you have?

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