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Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
I don't know how one would do this, but having the guns in the game shoot fireworks instead of laser beams would be a cool 4th of July mod.
I will try that, but the idea will need to be changed a bit. I'm afraid
that some people will turn down the mod as some people here do not live in the U.S.A,
unless they have something in their culture with the same thing. If I find out,
I will add some stuff from other countries celebrating something just like the Fourth of July.

Currently I have not started working on the mod, I am organising all the ideas, story, etc.
To make life much more easier instead of having loads of people doing the same thing, I need modders for these sections,

1 or 2 Writer/s
2 or 3 Skinners/Texturers
1 Scripter
[Optional] 1 Modeler (Guns, Lightsabers)

Many think that this mod won't survive long, but I see potential. Everyday I look back at the popular mods
[RoR, TJM, EotF, BoS] and think wow, I want to make a mod as good as that! But I never get far enough
due to the community. I know I haven't posted any mods really, but there is a reason. Whenever I make a
mod I always think about the community, if you guys will like it. But I always look at other mods and know
that you guys won't like the mod I made, I'm confident about this mod, and I bet the community will be too!

Once MrObiWan

If you need help with textures on any KotOR/TSL mod, feel free to contact me.

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