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there are some nice ideas indeed, but i've been thinking about the force powers for quite a while, when i played TFU 1 and 2 I liked how simple the force powers were set. few basic powers like grip, push, lightening and then combined to make very powerful powers. By far, TFU 1 had a nice feel of becoming stronger.

Also i would to see stuff like inventory management ingame and when you grab a mission in JA i would like to leave only with my lightsaber, using gun feels totally "uncivilised" (quoting Obi Wan). I know that JA has only stromtroopers to be mostly slain but i also would like to see NPCs like in TFU games that can fight with melee weapons and has shields that can stop a light saber and make you feel hell where-ever you are. Reborns are fun but unchalenging, i think.

co-op for the SP would be nice to see it implemented
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