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Originally Posted by duster View Post
21(Tomb Raider into Star Wars?Noooo. XD)
I am pleased that you have fun my ideas, but if a normal human being can grab onto a ledge, also a Jedi should be able to.

Originally Posted by setlec View Post
there are some nice ideas indeed, but i've been thinking about the force powers for quite a while, when i played TFU 1 and 2 I liked how simple the force powers were set. few basic powers like grip, push, lightening and then combined to make very powerful powers.
Maybe pyrokinesis and criokinesis abound, but TFU series lacks Force pull, Force Speed ​​and Force Sense, which I find indispensable. Also, why the Sith are trained only to throw lightning? We could have a skill set to throw various things, such as plasma projectiles, ice at absolute zero projectiles, etc.

Originally Posted by setlec View Post
I know that JA has only stromtroopers to be mostly slain but i also would like to see NPCs like in TFU games that can fight with melee weapons and has shields that can stop a light saber and make you feel hell where-ever you are. Reborns are fun but unchalenging, i think.
I agree, but I would do that only Force users are really challenging, with self-regenerative shields and lightshields.
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