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The Trials of Darth Herrco....DEMO

This is a short demo of a mod I am working on which upon completion will be called NMK2: The Trials of Darth Herrco. During this mod you will play as Darth Herrco, apprentice to Darth Poxus. When last we saw Darth Herrco he was recovering in a kolto tank during my first mod, Korriban Expansion. Now, he is out! In this demo, you will guide Darth Herrco through his first Trial on Korriban. The decisions you make will help in determining the fate of Darth Herrco. Good versus Bad, Light versus up to you.

This demo does not use the TSL Patcher. The file includes instructions for manual installation.

Here is a link to the page over at Deadly Stream:

It will be available as soon as the good lads over there can approve it.

Show spoiler

Special thanks to:

Ashley Kalfas - voice of Ellerix
Oliver White - resuming the voice of Belloq

Hope you enjoy. Comments are very much welcomed.


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