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Originally Posted by Vindikorr View Post
A few ideas.

1) Try setting the cpu affinity to 1. Open the game and in the menu press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to bring up task manager. Find swkotor.exe under processes, right click, set affinity and uncheck all but one processor.

2) In swkotor.ini go down to [Graphics Options] and add the following line: Disable Vertex Buffer Objects = 1

3) Try running windowed. Again in swkotor.ini, go down to [Graphics Options] and find the line FullScreen=1. Change this to read FullScreen=0 and try again.

EDIT: Are you having this issue with any other modules?

EDIT 2: Also try warping directly to the Ebon Hawk (warp ebo_m12aa) Again not a fix but it might work
Tried all four suggestions, in order and all together: no discernible change . The warp to the Ebon Hawk produced the same results as previous warps (as described above). The same thing happens when I attempt to transit there from the 'Valley of the Dark Lords'.

I've not encountered anything like this before.
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