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Rhett's already pretty much said everything that needs to be said about Orth, he's not an issue any more and he'll get no sympathy from me...

The issue of always-online on the other hand is still a major concern for everyone. There are a few scenarios that could happen since, at the moment these are all just rumours...

Not everyone around the world has the best internet connection, not everyone has the ability to connect to the Internet, not everyone can afford to buy new games, most can't afford to buy them ALL the time. A lot of these people are just children who want to play their game on their friends system or have decided to let their friend borrow a copy of their game. If you're a company who doesn't see value in these people and creates a product to make sure they can't get any benefit from your system, then you're a company who doesn't deserve my support.

An always-online model gives 0 benefit to you customers and only makes sure that you're sourcing your money from only the people who are rich and well off enough to support it. I understand that you can get just as much money, if not more, from the few people who have lots of money rather than from the many who have not as much money to give, but like Orth, I have no sympathy for your situation. I would rather see a world where everyone is able to play video games rather than the select few who bow down to your anti-consumerist will.

Of course, all of this are just rumours... which still leaves me with two choices.

If Durango turns out to not to have this always-online feature that forces you to have an internet connection to play video games and in addition, allows people to play used/borrowed games on their machines. Cool, I'm willing to considering buying you console depending on the games that are available on it.

If Durango turns out to be always-online and blocks people from playing games offline as well as used games. You have lost my support and I will never in my life purchase your product.

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