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In JA and JO, if you grip (level 2 or 3) on an enemy with lightsaber, the enemy's lightsaber deactivates and the enemy pushes you, but after a while the enemy is still and with lightsaber off, which you can be leveraged to heavy beatings. It is a mistake of the IA (absent in bosses) that I solved by making the enemy apart from you or turn quickly the lightsaber.
oh alright, kinda nice thinking

Originally Posted by Mizore View Post
Could be both, and both the player and the enemies.
that one will be a pain, i meaning JA has the most complex gameplay that i know of. to implement that i would have to think about remaking the combos, and etc to be less complex. kinda like "Brink" but i don't want a SMART key that does every thing in game.
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