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I'm just wondering, if there are plans to continue this project and release another update, would it be possible to incorporate ambient tracks to areas without sound, similar to the first MI? I'm aware of the complications with iMuse, but if there's no music going on in a scene, surely that's workable, yes? Some areas of the game (like the intro discussion with Elaine) feel quite empty without sound and something as simple as beach sounds/birds chirping in certain environments would really help. I understand that you guys don't want to add too many changes since the point was to enable the original game with speech, but I think that this kind of change is worthwhile.
EDIT: Just looked through the thread, and this idea has been brought up before Still, I believe it's something important that can be done in a new build of the talkie now that pretty much all the dialogue AFAIK has been given voice without any major hiccups.

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