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Originally Posted by CptPriceless
This looks like a great idea, but the main concern I have is compatibility. Do you plan on having this compatible with BOS:SR, Recruitable Kay - I'm guessing unlikely - and, when it's released, FG's Dantooine Tension - I think this one's the easiest when it comes to compatibility?
Thanks. I intend to do another playthrough of BOS:SR to re-familiarize myself with what happens and where there might be incompatibilities and try to find a way to make them work together. As for Dantooine Tension, there shouldn't be any incompatibilities as the entire thing happens on Dantooine and there's no recruitable characters (as far as I know.)

Originally Posted by logan23
Why don't you have Gossa (after his quest with the PC on Manaan) just join you on the ship but doesn't go on quests. He could also be used for access to illegal trade.goods and even a Quest Giver from the ship.
Nice idea, I'll give it some thought. I could even have him join you for his missions and just have him on the ship for the rest of the time.

Originally Posted by CptPriceless
He could be hunted by the Genoharadan too; that'll give them more presence in the story. I thought the faction was always interesting, but never really developed.
Again, a nice idea. The way the story works he will leave the Genoharadan, so it makes sense. I agree that they really aren't explored enough, although I think there was a lot of cut content in TSL surrounding them, which is why I wanted to incorporate them.

Originally Posted by supreme kotor
I like the idea I always did hate Mannan anyways good luck.
Thanks, I wouldn't go as far as saying I hate Manaan, but I think it would benefit from some more interesting story.

Originally Posted by Christos K
This looks promising. From what I know, Manaan is not a planet that people usually expand on so this should be good. Plus I usually HATE Manaan so this will be something to look forward to next time I play.
Thanks, I noticed Manaan was a planet that hadn't really been modded before, and I think it has a lot of potential.

Originally Posted by Zhaboka
Great idea! Hope to see this develop more. If you need any human (or alien, for that matter) VOs, I'd be honored to contribute.
Thanks a lot, I hope to add VOs towards the end of production, so I'll contact you then if you're still interested.

My WIP: The Liberation of Manaan

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