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Tyler lay with his face to the side, watching as sand people slaughtered each other. He hoped that the Cathar would come towards him. If not he intended to lie prone untill the sand people moved on, then determine what they had done with her.

Doing anything else would only result in capture or death, but I still owe her...

As Tyler struggled with the desire to get up and do something to prevent the death of the female who had saved him, another though struck him.

If she is captured, then I'd have to bust her out of a Sand People camp.. There can be no good outcome from this.

Tyler slowly started moving again, without checking his leg. It didn't hurt too much as he got up in a low crouch and began moving towards where he last saw the Cather woman. He didn't see her right away, as he looked over the battlefield to note the many corpses. To his surprise, some were already being covered by sand.
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