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I believe that almost everybody (besides convicted felons and mentally ill) has the right to self defense, unless you all want police and national guardsmen patrolling 24/7, i also think there should be a required course to go through so you have to test out on knowledge of what you can and cannot do with whatever firearm you desire to carry. and open carry should be completely allowed. sure i know i did state that people can get them illegally, etc. but at least going through a course and having paperwork stating and signed by yourself that you won't use it in self-defense unless absolutely deemed necessary to protect lives. by having that paperwork you should be able to buy whatever guns you want, and as many as you want and you just have to renew the certification every year, basically take a knowledge course of what your legal rights in using it are.

but, idk it sounds like you're just mad because your wife won't let you have a gun.

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