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It's not about self defense anymore. IMHO, there is NO REASON for a CITIZEN to own a full auto 50 clip Assault Rifle. Zero need. You can defend yourself just find with a pistol or a semi automatic rifle.

Besides, you think that if a revolution went off in this country, the military would REALLY be afraid of a few thousand people with AR's? We can FLY A BOMBER from Missouri to South Korea, non stop, and drop "Dummy" bombs with pin point accuracy. Think about that. The government of the U.S. would CURB STOMP any militia. So don't bring up "defending against the government" because the government can seriously **** up your ****. I mean, we can launch missiles from a destroyer and land them within 10 ft. of a target. Or the Drones. Or the Air Force. We don't even need boots on the ground to seriously demoralize or scatter any force on the planet.

Assault Rifles should only be in the hands of S.W.A.T and military forces. No civilian needs anything that goes full auto. That's insane.

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