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So a proud mooment for me anyways, my lvl 45 Sent (at the time) Ahrika needed the epic enemy codex for Taris which is Subject Alpha.

I went to Taris knowing I couldn't pull off the feat I did with my lvl 38 Commando at the time and began asking if anyone needed the World Boss.

I saw that their were several 50's and up on Taris yet none of them responded to my call. What I wound up with was one lvl 30 Sent and lvl 26 Sage healer and a bunch of lvl 18's to 21's of variouse classes. Our tank was only lvl 21 and another tank lvl 20.

One person asked if anyone could share the weekly and noone had it so she went to fleet to get it while we waited on everyone to get there.

The lvl 30 Sent was getting antsy about starting and like any good Ops leader I told him we were waiting on the person who went to get the weekly. Well they couldn't find the weekly and I said if anyone wants to drop out they can since there was no weekly to share. Everyone still wanted to try even tho we were a bunch of underleveled players.

Well the person who left finally got back and we started. I was so proud of them not one single person died and noone argued over loot. Was a great group of scrubs that joined me for that.

So storytime aside I do have a question.

What was the reason behind making Section X level 52 but not raising anything in it to level 52? I went today and everything was still the same as it always had been.

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