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pretty happy person right now...

got my student loan paid off in full!!!! in less than a year. hoping that does something healthy with my credit score.

got accepted back into college...cannot wait to go. also my benefits got approved, so no more paying to go to school.....

and i am kind of making plans on saving money to buy a house. cash. yes. cold hard cash, no mortgage bs. figure i could get one and then get a friend or 2 and have them pay me rent. or i could just get a VA home loan...kicking the idea around, not set on it just yet...that goal i'll take care of in like 5 or 6 years probably if i get a reenlistment bonus.

been chatting with this one chick i met over a free online dating site, she seems genuinely interested in me. i'll see where that all goes when i get home. haha

other good things to report....not too much other than i am happy with how my this deployment is affecting my life in a very good way.

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