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I've heard that conspiracy theory. I don't buy it.

It would take the cooperation and silence of hundreds, if not thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people who were all in on it to ever make a fake bombing look real... Runners, police, spectators, doctors and hospital staff, as well as the "media" (which is hardly a single entity...)

And all for what, exactly?!?? What would be the end game for the government to buy the assistance and/or silence of that many people? And why would they all choose to co-operate... especially in something so very sinister sounding? Or not talk about it afterwards when the results of what they did became clear?

And, finally, how could a government so capable as to pull it off in the first place get found out so quickly and easily by a handful of paranoid website operators and bloggers who saw through it all instantly? And why wouldn't that same sinister government choose to seek those who are exposing them and "silence" them immediately, but instead let the "truth" of the event go out into the world... ruining the carefully laid plans, probably years, if not decades in the making?

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