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Dialog Battles [K1]

Hello there! Hope it's alright to post this here:

I’m looking to create dialogs with fight sequences for K1 like these:

Jedi vs Sith on Endar Spire
Vulkars vs Beks
Bastila vs Revan
Jolee vs Katarns

The CutsceneAttack function is often mentioned and works, but I run into the problem that was also discussed here without a solution coming up, which is that it works for only one attack. For that reason, I don’t think this function is used in the scenes above; I can clearly see an NPC attack more than once in a single dialog node.

So, my question is, what other method is there to create these fight sequences? I’d like them to be identical every time. Should I use the ActionPlayAnimation or PlayAnimation functions? In that case, would I have to “manually” call the attacker’s and defender’s animation, plus any effects like sparks or lasers from blasters?
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