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Rogue15, well, i think the best way to let it fall into Al Qaeda's hands is to permit NATO's invasion into Syria. We everybody know that the terrorists being widely supported by Washington and London, as also they being supported from the the central source of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Also tactics of Syrian army are clear. They now just works as some sort of "mince machine", because of it's useless just to kick the terrorists from territory of Syria. Terrorists should invade again from territory of Turkey and Iraq. In fact now all Islamic fundamentalists fights against Syria, their recruits are outnumbered. These fanatics mostly has extremely low combat skills, but there's really many of them. Also they has wide financial and weapon support from the West (situations when Syrian army captures even pretty advanced NATO arms become very common). That's why Syrian army just let the terrorists enter, then surround them and neutralize. After complete of the operation Syrian army returns to it's positions, let another portion of "meat" to enter and then mince them. The goal is to kill and mutilate as many as possible of these terrorist monkeys. Looks very brutal, but unfortunately it is the only way to explain them that they are wrong. More i can say, terrorists started to recruit fanatics from even Caucasus and Pamir, and this is very good sign that means that in Arab and other Middle East countries the mobilization resource is mainly depleted.

Syrian army looks successful in such of tactics, especially because of absolute majority of Syrian people supports Al Assad (well, he wasn't very popular before the conflict, but now, after people see that terrorists does to civilians, Al Assad become extremely popular as the one who can stand against mediaval brutality and ignorance of those Islamic fanatics). Syrian army successfully clean territories from the terrorists once and once again, especially because of Russia finally started to support Syria with recon UAVs (damn Kremlin yet took Syria no one strike UAV, while they desperately need it). There's pretty many of video reports of Russian media on YouTube that shows how does Syrian army clean territories from donkey fu@#ers, and everything looks very good. That's why i don't think they uses any kind of chemical weapon. I much sooner believe that terrorists uses it to provoke invasion of the West to Syria.

But if this happen, then Russia and China will just smash America and Saudi Arabia. And this is World War III.

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