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I hardly think "An international team of inspectors" sent by the UN, are from the west, and support terrorists. Heck, even the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov wants more information to see if it is true. He isn't saying "No we cannot let those inspectors in because they are helping terrorists" like you are law_snoll

Just because you have one account where it was not true, does not means all others are the same.

And most of the Syrian governments tactics have been holing up the rebels in a certain area, and blasting the whole area (Civilians included) with Artillery. We can only guess at what is really happening because we are only getting statements from witnesses and no first hand accounts for third parties. BECAUSE THOSE THIRD PARTY PEOPLE ARE NOT BEING ALLOW TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING by the Syrian government.

So we end up with BOTH sides in the syrian civil war blaming the other for what is happening and it just escalating while tens of thousands of civilians get blown up in the cross-fire.

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