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OK, so you probably are better off selling it for parts/repair on ebay and not sinking any more money into it, then.

Some more questions:
What type of video card do you have in mind? If you're still playing/modding KotOR, I'd suggest an Nvidia card.
What resolution will you be gaming at?
What's your budget?

For gaming, you're going to want to go with an Intel CPU. Since you don't live near a Micro Center, an Intel Core i5 3570K CPU and a decent motherboard together are going to run you about $300. 8GB of memory is going to cost another $40-$50.

Seasonic is generally regarded as the best overall power supply manufacturer. They make PSUs for several different companies, and they also sell them under their own brand. You shouldn't need one any bigger than 650W, with 54-55 amps on the 12-volt rail. The mid-grade (80Plus Bronze) ones go for around $60, while the ultra-high-end model (80Plus Platinum) is sometimes on sale for $90. If you want a bullet-proof PSU with a 7-year warranty, I'd go ahead and get the Platinum. It'll likely last you through several builds. If you don't want to shell out that much, there are definitely cheaper alternatives out there that will still serve you well.

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