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Here is an example how TSLRCM does it;

 //{[Handmaiden attacks, Kreia barely moves, deftly avoiding every blow, then gets bored, and grabs the Handmaiden by the throat, or in a Force Crush.]}
                     case 5:
                           SetMinOneHP(oHandmaiden, TRUE);
                           SetMinOneHP(oKreia, TRUE);
                           AssignCommand(oHandmaiden , ActionAttack(oKreia));
                           DelayCommand(3.0, AssignCommand(oHandmaiden , ActionAttack(oKreia)));
                           DelayCommand(6.0, AssignCommand(oHandmaiden , ActionAttack(oKreia)));
                           DelayCommand(8.0, AssignCommand(oHandmaiden , ActionAttack(oKreia)));
                           DelayCommand(10.0, SetMinOneHP(oKreia, FALSE));
                           DelayCommand(10.0, SetMinOneHP(oHandmaiden , FALSE));
                           DelayCommand(10.0, AssignCommand(oKreia, ActionPlayAnimation(10063, 1.0, 3.5)));
                           DelayCommand(10.1, AssignCommand(oHandmaiden , ClearAllActions()));
                           DelayCommand(10.2, ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, EffectChoke(), oHandmaiden, 3.0));
                           DelayCommand(13.3, AssignCommand(oHandmaiden , ClearAllActions()));
                           DelayCommand(13.5, AssignCommand(oHandmaiden, SetIsDestroyable(0, 1, 0)));
                           effect efDeath = EffectDeath(0, 0, 1);
                           DelayCommand(13.5, ApplyEffectToObject(2, efDeath, oHandmaiden, 0.0));
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