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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
There are still people only just discovering Bioware's other bastion of quality entertainment, Dragon Age 2, so I suspect ME3's artistic integrity will continue to delight unsuspecting future audiences for a few more years yet.
The thing is, Mass Effect 3 and even Dragon Age 2 are in my opinion brilliant games, but BioWare let themselves down with such simple, and lazy things. Mass Effect 3's fetch quests were quick and simple and i actually liked em, nothing about ME3 was an issue for me, even the ending was dealable one we got the extended cut.

Dragon Age 2 is just plagued with reused areas, spawn-out-of-nowhere enemies to lengthen fights and general tid bits of inconvenience. But I love the story that unfolded and will continue to unfold in DA3, I actually thought the DLC was great and I don't see why it is so hated. Take one weakness from any BioWare game and it becomes soul destroyingly bad.

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