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Tyrannus grabbed the child with his free hand and held to her shoulder as he pointed his lightsaber at his pursuers. He grinned at the Shinigami and chuckled.

What are you talking about? What exactly has happened to Jedi Alriana?

Tyrannus replied, "Maybe you should ask her or the one who tries to hide what he is." He loved games like this. He then abruptly turned and shot lightning at Varith, "Don't think about moving. Personally I like an audience since I estimate that an old adversary shall be arriving shortly."

Jun-la held onto Alriana to prevent her from doing anything foolish. She knew her family and she knew that her uncle's chosen was like him in many respects. She said, "You have nothing to gain by holding the child."

"You're right," Tyrannus replied, "But it is much more fun when you can put even the most powerful of Jedi at a standstill."


Tavaryn had plotted the course and was overwhelmed that the ship was able to get him there so fast. He made adjustments so that he didn't kill himself.

Picking up one ship. The Ebon Hawk. Shall I hail?

"Just signal us as a friendly and use my radio signature." Tavaryn made an adjustment to head for the nearest docking bay. The closest was in proximity of the Hawk and he took it.

The Ebon Hawk acknowledges.

Tavaryn made a motion with his head as he landed. He put on his helmet as the cockpit opened. "Remind me to thank Andros for the modifications." He muttered it to no one in particular. He started slowly walking down the corridors.

Picking up several lifeforms. Three friendlies two unknown and one is a child.

Tavaryn read the display he was getting and continued forward. He wondered if this was how the clone troops viewed the world when they wore those helmets. It was an idle thought as he made his way through. He did pick up a brief moment of panic and sent, Don't worry moi chroi. I am here.

Ebon Hawk

Andros picked up the transmission from the incoming fighter and confirmed it. He had recognized it off the bat and grinned. It was one that he specially modified even though he didn't build the darn thing. He turned towards his sister and said, "Hey sis, looks like we got the cavalry. Alpha Leader is here."

Death's Head

Tariq made his way towards the bridge where Belina and her father were. He had never met the man but was willing to give him a chance since Garja was a redeemed Imperial. He saluted the admiral and said, "Ma'am, I checked in with the Ackbar and repairs are on their way. Prisoners accounted for and Admiral Garja reports good status."

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