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"Maybe you should ask her or the one who tries to hide what he is."

Xandros looked back at Alriana and his eyes grew large and then narrowed as he reached out though the force and was able to sense that Tyrannus had been able to sense earlier.

"I..." He whispered sadly. "I...can't believe it." He muttered as he turned back towards Tyrannus and clenched his teeth together. "I can't take what I'm feeling out on Jedi Alriana, but I think you qualify as something I can take my anger out on."

"Don't think about moving. Personally I like an audience since I estimate that an old adversary shall be arriving shortly."

Varith roared in pain and collapsed back to the floor as his lightsaber fell out of his hand as he lost conciousness.

"But it is much more fun when you can put even the most powerful of Jedi at a standstill."

Don't worry moi chroi. I am here.

Xandros knows. She sent back to Tavaryn. And Tyrannus is using the child as a shield.

Alriana didn't know what to do about the current situation. Xandros was angry, Varith was out of comission and the child was being used as a shield by a sith who had a hard time staying down.

"What do we do?" She asked Jun-la quietly.

Death's Head

"Ma'am, I checked in with the Ackbar and repairs are on their way. Prisoners accounted for and Admiral Garja reports good status."

"Good to hear." Belina responded. "Once everyone has returned to the ship, I plan on calling a meeting about our next step in this war. I'm dispatching two of the resistance's best ambassador's out on a mission that may help us turn the tide."
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