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Originally Posted by Hunters Run View Post
Long time huh? Anyways:
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For Tsl, Kotor comes afterwards.

If you know how to model and have time and you want to help the criteria is simple. 1. you must be able to texture your models. 2. you must keep the shape the same although you can add things that make sense (like the trigger ring). 3. post in this thread what you are modeling so others (if there are any) won't model the same thing.

The workflow to model the item is simple. First import the weapon you want to model. You'll notice there are upgrades attached to the weapon. Next model the new weapon based off the old one sans upgrades. Texture your model. This is your base model. Next is the hard part. you have to model any upgrades the weapon can have off of the base model. Sometimes there are two sometimes three. The hardest thing is getting all the combinations of upgrades. If you think you can do it my suggestion is model one upgrade like a scope then model every single chamber with the scope (mark I, mark II, etc). Keep doing this until you have every single combination.

I'll understand if nobody takes up the task (it is pretty daunting). Chances are I'll get burnt out before I complete it. Should I release what I have then or should I hold onto it as it would be incomplete? As always coming when it's done (provided it is done, hey it is a huge task).
If by "burnt out" you mean done with Kotor modding for the foreseeable future, then I'd release the stuff as modder's resource with specific instructions/ a vision of what you want to be done with them. Also, if you do this, I recommend releasing a template for the read-me file with an up-to-date credits section.

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