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Overhearing Irithoi's question to the Lady Aeron--She was a titled lady, right? She had to be some sort of noble, riding on a fine steed like she was and talking all refined and head held high-- Aya raised a single brow. "Does a bear poo in the forest?" she whispered under her breath to herself, mostly.

Of course this noblewoman was a fighter! Either that or she was a horsethief. Although, she didn't look like a horsethief. Of course, Aya'd never seen an actual horsethief. Not one that was alive, anyway. She swallowed her thoughts along with a gulp of water.

"Even if she's not a fighter, I bet her horse could kick the pants off of most people," Aya said, then gingerly backed up a step or two as she realised she had said the thought out loud.

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