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@HH: thanks that helped.
@Supreme kotor: The screen shots are actually from the Telos academy. I played through the game going through every workbench up to that one to make sure the camera angle was right.

Tslrcm locations? You mean tslrcm adds workbenches? Ah well more work for me.

Thanks to me figuring out how the Tslpatcher works it will be tslrcm compatible. M4-78ep comes later after regular tsl (I'll need to obtain permission to access some of it's files to make it compatible, also seeing as I have never actually played it yet I will probably do so first).

I just thought of another job that can help me out. Script writing. While easier than modeling it is still time consuming, so the prerequisite is that you have time on your hands . Meanwhile I slowly but surely head towards the 1/10000000 mark ( I may be underestimating it a bit).

I'll check back every now and again but the majority of my time will be taken up by RL and this mod.

It's just like chicken-only different.
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