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So I tried my first lvl 55 HMFP, was Mando Raiders.

I was on my commando who is the best geared and the healer. After the 3rd wipe I politely dropped out saying hopefully you guys can find a better healer than me.

I wasn't geared high enough for this I figured out the hard way. Noone tried to tell me before we started even tho I said this is my first time doing one of these. Got no words of encouragement or even one of them telling me I wasn't geared for it.

Instead I got chewed out by the slinger dps while the guardian tank and vangaurd dps said nothing. It was after the slinger said are you even trying to heal and wow thanks after he died that I decided to drop out. Noone tried to keep the adds off of me so when the dogs were knocking me around everywhere breaking my heals they just stayed on the boss.

Needless to say I was bummed out and discouraged and changed my healer spec back to dps. Same thing happend to me when I first got my tionese gear and thought I could heal Kaon Under Siege HM. At least that group was nice and even said the problem was I was undergeared for it to try it again after I got a little bit better gear.

But anyways thats my sad story for the weekend lol

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