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Irithoi turned his gaze on the darker haired woman standing beside the blonde in question and raised a dark, bushy eyebrow at her sudden invasion into the conversation. "Aye," he said, rather flatly. "But I can't pay a horse to protect a caravan, now can I?"

The door slammed open, and the sounds of scuffles were coming from outside. The man who'd opened it was searching the crowd, stopping once he'd found the face of the caravan leader. "Irithoi!" he shouted. "It's already past high noon! The horses are gettin' restless."

Irithoi made a face at the man, but he nodded. Returning his attention to the blonde, he dropped his eyebrow and said, "If yer interested in work, come find me later. We can talk a bit more," he glanced pointedly at the brunette woman, "Privately." Then he stood from his seat, looked around the inn, and shouted, "If'n yer comin' to Ryuu-Tokai, get a move on! We're headin' out!"

A number of the inn's occupants began to stir at that point, including the dark-haired swordsman with his book. Closing the cover and stowing it safely away in the pack at his belt, he stood up and slung his pack over his shoulder.


The shout of the barkeep caught his attention, and the swordsman turned to look at the man. The barkeep, looking fairly annoyed, said, "Aren't you gonna pay for that?"

Kyo blinked at him, non-comprehendingly. Looking down at his table, all he saw was his cup, and he turned back to the man with an eyebrow raised. "For water?"

"You're the one that started this trend of water-drinking," the man said gruffly, folding his arms over his expansive chest. "If I'm not sellin' mead, I've gotta make money somewhere."

The swordsman continued to look at him, weighing the situation while simultaneously waiting to see if the barkeep would back down. When he didn't, Kyo's mouth turned down with a slightly sour expression. But he reached into the pouch at his hip and dropped two small coins on the table. Then he turned, and left.

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