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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
Couldn't he just extract the .git from every module using ERFEdit, modify it, and then use TSLPatcher on that? A bit overkill given that some modules probably weren't touched, but it'll work, won't it?
Yes. That would be the correct procedure. But vanilla .git's would definitely break stuff.
Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Is it not possible to use the TSLPatcher to modify an existing .git file? It should also be possible to use a .bat and multiple changes.ini files to provide the user with mulitple installation options, IIRC.
I don't know, is that possible? If so, how? Any instructions around here, since I couldn't find them.
Would be very helpful to make several mods compatible, since currently if I modify a .git outside of TSLRCM it just overwrites the old one. Not really compatible with other mods thus wanting to add to the same .git.
Also multiple-installations are already possible with using TSLPatcher itself, no .bat needed. You do need multiple changes.ini (and info.ini if you want slightly different readme's displaying).
Originally Posted by Hunters Run View Post
Actually I add lines to the .git. I was actually using modified vanilla .git files and injecting lines into tslrcm's .git files. To my knowledge it worked (the main indicator was when I did not repeat myself when talking to Atris). I just realized that I answered my own question
Sounds good. A good baseline would be to assume we changed everything in a module. It's not exactly true (but pretty close xD), but it's the best way to make safe your mods not conflicting. Just extracting from the .mod and modifying that, and it should work. Provided your own additions are correct of course
Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
If I remember correctly, I had to ask stoffe how to modify multiple files with the same name, but in different locations
Do you recall the answer? Since currently I need to use a multi-install using different maps per same-named file. Which requires users to run the installer a few times before the mods installed. Which apparently is kinda counter-intiniutative, seeing someone complaining lately that Sith Assassins where at the turret game, but not in the Hawk. But (s)he just installed part 1 instead of the full mod.
Could also be handy for something I want to modify what you made .
Originally Posted by Hunters Run View Post
If I wanted to have an install to vanilla TSL I would simply extract all files for that module and replace that .git with my .git then make it a mod file, correct? I ask because I did this and the opening scene of that module won't fire.
A lot easier, and more compatible with other mods would be to simply replace the .git with the other .git in the module. .MOD for TSLRCM, .erf for vanilla. It would also make your mod around 2000% easier to download, having a few kb .git files instead of entire modules.

For an example how that works you can try my Vao Amband Drop mod;
And run it through the TSLPatcher configurator, so you can quickly see how to add .gits to mod/erf-files using it instead of having to manually do that and have it install that.

Hopefully all is clear now. Good luck.
And if you have any more questions, well, that's what we're here for...
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