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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I love healing, I take responsibly, deserved or not, for every wipe no matter what role I am playing, so healer is right up my alley

You’re talking about The Beast of Vodal Kressh? Yeah, the adds should be tanked and killed before the boss. So you did not fail beyond you were not so overgeared to make up for idiots that have no clue how to play group content.

My suggestion 2 fold 1). Read Dulfy walkthrough on the 4 new HM 55 flashpoints and 2) make your first run through with people in your guild (if you are in a guild) or with friends.
I am the same way, I will take responsibilty for a wipe even if I think something is not my fault. And it was the first boss in Mando Raiders, the guy with the 2 Akk dogs.

As for guild I dropped out of my guild a while back when I realized they were more pvp oriented than OP oriented. My usual running buddy I do these things with is having computer issues so I am running solo right now trying to do what I can.

I will read the dulfy bit. thanks for the link.

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