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Hm, curious, Game patched (1.10), fresh install, then no worry at all until Korriban.

There, I cannot get back to the Ebon Hawk (game crash when in,side, a (first there, no way to tell which one it is) cut-scene would start).

Then, while in the meeting with Kreia (temple) (while Anton arrive, both activate light saber (weapons, as both are Jedi as of now), I tried the four dialogues options but still, a second and crash there to ?

Sound like there could be something wrong with the cutscene ? Still, I have have quite some already (Guess last was onboard, not sure which, but Visa is there, I have also Mira. Also, Korriban was my second planet visited (after Nar Chada, where all was going fine).

Any idea as to what could be ongoing ?

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