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In cold space, no one can hear you ragequit.

Guess I'll have to change my original opinion of the game. ME3 is a good game until the end for those who have been following the series the first time.

Since I had been putting off replaying the game until all the DLC had been released, I was looking forward to playing through a polished version as jerkass-Shep.
Turns out the drive for finding out what happens next was, along with the competent gameplay, the only thing keeping driving me the first time. It had made me forget that Shep's gorilla tendencies had only gotten worse, that conversations are to be watched, not participated in, and that 90% of the writing should have remained fanfic.

I guess the one thing positive about ME3 is that it paves the way for a ME universe without Shepard, Illusive men, Asari and Starchildren.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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