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Job offer

As the old saying goes, you can get used to anything, even hanging, if you do it long enough. For the next three days, I was a girl going to school. I worried about attendance; obviously if I was here, I wasn't in class on the other side of the wall. Sova told me not to worry. To the students on the Boy's side I was there and as lackluster as ever. The Sleaze had gotten those petitions, one from either side of the school. Not surprising, there were only two students that had not signed, and I was both of them.

That third day, I felt that sense of hearing from somewhere else again. A tense hostage situation at a local bank, SWAT team rolling, two suspects holding hostages. I raised my hand, and requested permission to go to the bathroom. I went down the hall, through the door, and teleported up over the building.

I could see and hear everything, and none of it made sense. Oh there were cops behind their cars with guns out; but inside the bank it looked more like a movie set before the director shouts 'action!'. I dropped down to the sidewalk outside, and only now did the cops outside tense up. One of them spoke into the mike on his shoulder, and the scene inside went to action as the robbers chivvied their 'hostages' toward the far wall.

I walked to the bank door, and opened it. One of the masked men turned to menace me with his assault rifle, and I grinned. I'd liked AD&D's read of Amaterasu, and he looked at me confused as the rifle turned into a dozen doves, three of them sitting on the bent arm, and one on his outstretched hand as the others flitted up to land on the lighting fixtures. Before the other could react, I was beside him, plucking the gun out of his hand. I popped the magazine one handed, catching it in mid air.

“You know,” I commented in a conversational tone, “you should really load it before you bring it.” I flipped it over my shoulder, crossing my arms. “It's not some kind of drill obviously; you would have at least put blanks in it. So who is going to tell me the first whopper of a lie?”

The man I had just disarmed stood upright. “We figured it was the best way to get a chance to talk to you.”

“I don't deal with masked men.” He shrugged and peeled it off. He looked like a hardline cop.

“Special Agent Driscoll, Department of Homeland Security.” He motioned toward an open office. “If you would?”

“Sure; as soon as the bozo with the syringe full of drugs gets out of the room.” He shrugged again as if I couldn't blame him for trying. The man came out, capping the syringe. “And I would advise the woman over there with the tranquilizer gun that if she even thinks about shooting me, she'll need a gynecologist to remove it from where I'll stick it.” The woman flinched, then pulled her hand out of the huge purse she was carrying.

Driscoll looked at me askance. “Are you always this...rude?”

“Just a simple rule to live by. Never make an idle threat. Which means if I say I'll stick it where the sun don't shine, I'd bring a proctologist and a flashlight to find it.” I motioned for him to go first, and followed him into the office. He closed the door, then, when I refused a seat, sat behind the desk. I looked at myself, and sensed something. Ah, a radioactive tracking dye from a sprayer over the office door. My lips quirked, and it scattered away from me in little motes of light. Just to make it fun, I used some of Loki's powers, and attached it to the police outside the building.

“We don't know what you are calling yourself. After all, all of the good female hero names are taken...”

“I don't need a name. I am a representative of the gods of four pantheons, Mister O'Hara.”

He froze, and I could see the calculation in his eyes.

“Spare me your cover stories. One of those I serve is Hekate, the Greek goddess of that which is hidden.” I clasped my hands behind my back, pacing. “Damian O'Hara, working for OSI; The Office of Specialized Intelligence. Formed in 1975, supposedly to use science information to bolster the CIA. In reality as an agency that can carry out missions under the best possible version of plausible deniability.” I looked at him. “The IDs you carry for the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and Treasury are very good. But again, they were issued by those agencies.”

He didn't answer. “You went to work for them in 1977. Every time the government needed to clear an 'obstacle' from their path, but could not legally do so, you were there. Most recently in Afghanistan, Iraq. Pakistan.” I looked up. He had gone pale. I waved my hand. “The gods will deal with you in good time. I should warn you though, 'the ends justify the means' doesn't really work. But then we come to why you invited me here.

“You see a young woman with unique abilities; one who can do what your own agency can not. And you assumed that by bringing me here, and waving a flag in my face as you give me a stirring speech about how much I can do for my country that I would come to work for your organization. But there's a problem with that. There is no resource you can offer that I need, or mission I cannot carry out on my own. But I have no interest in eliminating people for ideological reasons. Therefore, I am not as asset you can use.

“Regardless of what priests say, the gods really don't care what government we have, or what that government does to stay in power. You can go on with your missions, but I will not be party to them. So let's end this little dance. We had our talk, I said no, and you decide it is in your own best interests to merely leave me alone from this point on. Agreed?”

“Do you honestly think the government will merely leave a loose cannon like you alone?”

I laughed. “So predictable. It's not like you can find the real me.” I pictured Salam Hayak, and he flinched as I changed to match her appearance. “What I really look like, and who I really am is not something you can discover.” I changed so it was him standing there now instead of me. “So if you want to play hardball, I am game.” Now I was invisible.” Give it your best shot. But you have been warned, and to quote an old book, you only get one.” I returned to my girl form.

I heard him shout in protest as I flung open the door. A guy held a taser, and he shot me with it, the electrodes catching in my clothing. I looked down, then pulled them free stalking toward him. He just stood there stunned as I caught his hand. “You dropped something.” Then I dropped them into his hand as I closed my fingers around it. He spasmed as the charge went through him instead. I crushed the launcher, shorting it out, and he collapsed. I looked around. A number of them had weapons in hand, except for the woman I had already threatened. She gave me a wan smile. She deserved a promotion.

“That was the last freebie, people. If you want to end up in the hospital or the morgue today, I am happy to oblige.”

“We can't just let you leave.” Someone said. I turned my head, looking at him.

“And how will you stop me?” The next instant I was two hundred feet above the building, nose to nose, as it were, with an Apache helicopter. I finger waved at the pilot, then was back in the bathroom at school.

I had left fingerprints on the door handle, but again, a little Loki misdirection, and whoever ran those prints would come up with their own face. I also extended that ability to the security camera footage, so I appeared to look like Jessica Rabbit. Let them try to figure that out. I returned to class.

A Beauty Contestant... Me?

I closed the last book of my last class. Considering one thing I had noticed in the past days. My grades had markedly improved. When called on in class I always had the answer, no matter how odd it would have been to me before. My brain was working better, or memory, or whatever. Having so many gods messing around in my life had given me that, at least. I had asked Sova about it, and she told me that the shadow she had mimicking me on the Boy's side had also seen all of the same improvements, though he was still mainly Mr Invisible.

Admin announced that due to the petitions, there would be a beauty contest, and the students would chose who was competing. I knew I would be one of them, and remembered the comment by General Sherman of the Union army during the War Between the states who said several times that he would not accept being president under any circumstances.

The girls were ignoring me in that regard, and thanks to the school announcing that the pageant would be televised by the Girl's side Audio Visual Club, the boys would protest even more if I bowed out. Honestly, I was hit on so many times by people on either side of the wall that I agreed with Sova; they might as well have been using clubs.

I went to the library the day of the announcement, and waved to Janice. As a girl I had befriended Janice, and felt almost sick at the joy it gave her. Someone on this side of the wall who actually liked her. Both Janus and I wanted to break her out of her shell, and I thought this would be perfect.

“Why don't you compete?” I asked her as I brought the books I was checking out to the desk. “The Beauty Contest.” I expanded. She looked up at me startled.

“I could never do that...” She whispered.

“Why not?” I asked. You are pretty, and smart. A winning combination!”

“No.” She blushed. “No one thinks I'm pretty.”

“That's because you hide in here every chance you get. Except for checking out books and helping them find what they're looking for, how many boys have you talked to like people?”

“Only two. One of them... hurt me. But the other was nice.”

“So let me get this straight; you based your opinion on your looks and personality on two incidents, one good and one bad?” She nodded glumly. “Well if you compete, they will have to see you in a different light.”

“Why are you trying to humiliate me?” She asked looking up, eyes glistening.

I knelt, touching her face gently. “There's a whole world out there waiting for you if you just try, Janice. I was like you for a long time, but something brought me out of my shell, and it will work for you too.” I stood, smiled at her, and walked down the line of shelves, turning to go back toward the forbidden area. Let's see...three...two...on-

Are you out of your tiny little mind?” Janus demanded from behind me.

“Janus, we both agreed that Janice needs to spread her wings and try things. I think this would be good for her.”

“If you were here in male form, that might be true.” Janus disagreed. “She has gone to bed crying all week because that doppelganger Sova created ignores her.”

“I'll talk to Sova, maybe we can have me be a girl during the school day except in the library and after school. That way I can be a shoulder to cry on.”

“It isn't your shoulder she wants, Nick.” Janus commented dryly.

“I know.” I sighed. “You know, before this happened,” I motioned toward my body, “the gods choosing me and all, I would have dreamed of having someone like Janice pining over me, wanting me right this minute. But I realize that she and I are too alike.”


I chose a book. The instant I picked it up my mind merely absorbed it. Was this why I had suddenly become a better student? “Like every boy, I dreamed of meeting a girl, wooing her, and eventually doing, that. But no one paid any attention. If she had done what she did back then, I would have dragged her home and done it that very day.

“But then I would have felt guilty. I would have taken what she offered, and felt like crap because I was so weak. We would have ended up as a couple, and she would have missed the chance to find someone who liked her and loved her as herself.” I looked at her. “I was and still am in a lot of ways a boring person. She's smart and she would have realized it before I did, and would be guilty because the man who took her virtue couldn't hold a candle to her intelligence.

“So we would be stuck, unwilling to hurt the other further by breaking up, but hurting each other every day because of that. That isn't love, that's simple lust compounded by the need of the other person. We would have drifted into marriage because we would see no other option. She would try to be the perfect little wife yet feel miserable because I am too damn easy to please. And I would be the dutiful husband, and dream of all I might have wanted to do if we had not gotten together and married.

“That isn't a happy marriage, it's a life sentence we gave ourselves, and can't be appealed because there is no higher court. It would end when one of us dies. Then and only then would the other be free.”

She looked at me for a long moment. “So you do have feelings for her.”

“Yes I do. She is a sweet girl, yet like me, she is a needy one. We have to give her a larger view of the world, see the wonders she will never have if she settles for me. Give her options that don't tie her down to someone who might never make her truly happy.”

“Yet you have changed.” Janus told me.

“And she doesn't even know that I as a girl am the same person. She's leaning toward me there just as hard as she is toward my male persona. She doesn't have a whole lot of friends, I think.”

“You're right there.” Janus admitted. “Her best friend in the world right now is Double Dark chocolate ice cream. So how is having her compete going to help?”

“She'll know the boy's side has really seen her for the first time, and while that will scare the panties off her, it will be like standing on stage at Carnegie Hall with every eye on her. She may fail, but at least she should try.”

“Maybe you should explain it to her then.”

“I will; if I get a chance.”

“A chance to do what?” I looked over. Janice was standing there, looking confused.

“To convince you to compete. Since I need some bras, I thought we could go shopping after school.”

“Shopping? No one has ever asked me to go shopping with them.” She looked interested. “All right, it's a date then!” In her mind we would be on a date, even if we were two girls. I sighed as she walked briskly away.

Gang Aft Aglay

In 1785, Robert Burns, the Poet Laureate of Scotland wrote a poem 'To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough', after accidentally destroying a Mouse's nest. There is a stanza well known, in fact better known than the rest of the poem; The best laid plans of Mice and men, gang aft aglay (The original English translation is often goes awry).

Our shopping expedition made me remember it very well. We went with high hopes. I that I could break Janice out of her shell, Janice that her love for me as a woman might be fulfilled. Then everything went to pieces.

She chose a shop designed for 'full figured' women as our first stop. She had no need for it; she was a C cup, and full figured means a D or larger, so she got to stand there while I asked her advice on what might look good. As Tom Lehr commented in one of his songs, as to bras 'this I know from nothing'.

Without implants she would never know how to deal with the Hooters from Hell, but she did know what looked good. I tried on bra after bra, and everything she chose looked good. I was torn because I was willing to buy two bras, but she had chosen a dozen.

“I'm not sure.” I admitted. She probably thought my blushing reaction was to the clothing itself, but it was more to the fact that I was looking at an extremely attractive woman in something meant to entice. Sure the woman was me, but I was reacting as I had that first night. The woman in the mirror was sex personified.

She came up behind me, and I could feel her excitement as her hands rested on my hips. “The green would offset your hair.” She whispered. “The blue strapless would be best for a strapless dress. The black demi-cup would be the most exciting to those looking at you-”

I laughed, disengaging. If anything my blush was deeper. “Really, I only need a couple of bras, Janice. Not a dozen!”

“But different bras go for different things.” She protested.

“This would look good.” A hand reached from behind me with a lacy confection, and I looked at it astonished. Then I turned.

“Sova? What are you doing here?”

“Enjoying the spectacle.” she replied. “try it on.”

“No, I...”

“Not good enough?”

“No, it's... nice.” It was a demi-cup shelf bra that would thrust me up as if offering the viewer all of that creamy goodness.

Before I could comment further Sova pushed me toward the dressing room. “Then try it on.” Wary, I went into the dressing room. Before I could pull the door closed, Sova and Janice had followed. I found myself being watched by two sets of eyes; one looking at me from a blushing face, the other with a gentle smile. “Well,” Sova commented at my 'deer in the headlights' look. “Go on. It's not like we haven't seen a woman's breasts before.” My face felt so hot I was sure the sprinklers would go off. Both of them watched for a long moment as I stood there, stunned.

“Perhaps she is just shy; that it will be her breasts being exposed.” Sova sighed. “Well, there's no help for it.” She opened her blouse, shrugging out of it.

“What are you doing?” I squealed.

“If you are not the only one who strips, it won't be as uncomfortable.” Sova replied with that infernal logic of hers. Janice began to unbutton her blouse as well.

I spun to the wall, and began to strip. I didn't want to look at them; it would have been wrong to take that advantage. I bounced in a way the guys at school and every one of those gay or heteroflexible girls would have howled over. The one time I had not worn a sport's bra during gym I had almost beaten myself to death with my own bouncing boobies. Without turning around I found the bra, but for the life of me couldn't figure out how to put it on. A pair of hands took it from me, opening the hooks. Then the arms came around my waist, clipping it in the front beneath the girls. I froze.

Sova whispered in my ear. “If you hook it like this, you can turn it around your waist until the cups are in position and pull up the straps.” I stood there like an idiot as she hooked it, then spun it around. “Go on.”

I slid my arms into the straps. It didn't feel quite right, though I couldn't figure out why. As I was concentrating on that, I found I had been turned around. Both of them had stripped to their bras, and I reddened even more at the sight. Sova was full figured, maybe a little smaller than my own puppies. Janice was built well enough that if I had been a guy at that moment, I would have been interested.

“Ah, you have to reposition for comfort.” Sova commented. I looked at her clueless. “Janice, if you don't mind helping?” I squealed as each of them grabbed, maneuvering the girls with their hands. Then they both let go. Sova had been as clinical as always. But Janice had blushed even deeper than I was, and her fingers lingered for a couple of seconds before she snatched her hand back guiltily. “How does that feel now?” Sova asked.

I wanted to snap back at her. Since she'd manhandled one of them personally, I wanted to asked her how it felt, but I was afraid she'd tell me. Then I realized that the bra was suddenly comfortable. I said so. They finally convinced me to buy six bras, including the one Sova had chosen.

We were leaving the store when Heather came running up, gasping as she tried to catch her breath. “You were... supposed to wait... for me.” She finally gasped out.

“I am sorry, Heather.” Sova soothed. “Nikki isn't much of a shopping animal. We had to convince her to buy more than two bras!”

“Bras!” Heather's eyes misted over. Oh god, she was picturing me in a bra. Damn it why couldn't she imagine me as a guy?

“Well I for one am hungry. Come on, lunch is on me.” Sova told us, walking down the street. We followed, wondering when she had suddenly become the ringmaster of this traveling circus.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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