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Going to say fairly. Would say utmost but also recognize a need of creative flexibility sometimes.

I too don't have a problem for retconning canon if it's hurtful to the series or just sucky. Problem is your opinion may differ from the next one's and so-on.

Legacy and its apparent successor...I understand it isn't all that hot, but at least they're trying to come up with new content that is fairly original.

I understand the original trilogy is iconic. However, we need some fresh air. If people cant distinguish Malgus from Vader, or republic troops from clones and stormtroopers? As Ron White would say:

"There's your sign".

I liked Kyle Katarn's stuff.

Never read the NJO series. So, honestly I can't say I'd be too torn about it if other stuff got nerfed.

Heard thrawn was good but never read it. Yeah, I know, burn the heretic.

So it is what it is. Take it for what you will.

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