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Missing, or dead

With the recent reappearance of Amanda Berry, I got to thinking again of my sister. She was kidnapped, and killed when I was young. She was missing for over a year, and even though we had no evidence she was alive, we held on to the hope that she had simply run away. My parents were not exactly the nicest parents to her. She was constantly sneaking out, and had made attempts at running away several times before that. For the year and a half that she was missing, I had built up in my mind that she had simply run far enough that she had made a new name for herself, and started a new life.

Then it came. The police officer showed up and told us that my sister was in fact dead. It wasn't really a shock to us, so much as it was crushing. Her remains are now buried in the best location in the cemetery my grandparents ran. There was a part of me that was relieved. As bad as it sounds, there was a finality to it. She was killed with a large stone, and left partially covered by a piece of plywood. She was identified by the clothes she had on and a single remaining finger. At last we had our confirmation of her fate. She was not living as some hippy, on the road with a few friendly people. Her story had concluded, aside from her killer remaining free... And he's still free to this day, more than 30 years later.

My question to you, is this: Would you rather your relative be held captive like Amanda Berry, Or dead like my sister? In all honesty, I feel that my sister's fate was better in that she did not have to suffer the indignity, and torture suffered by the three women recently freed. While her killer is still a fugitive from justice, and the torturing SOB's in Amanda Berry's case will face criminal charges, and likely "Prisoner Justice" I feel that in my eyes it is better that she suffered less...

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