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First off sorry to hear your story. No brother or family should have to go through something like that.

As to you question, it is sad to say, but it all depends on the individuals involved. This is made even sadder because it will largely be based on factors beyond anyone’s control. Some people can learn to cope with traumatic experiences and focus on life going forward, while others never seem to get over such events.

I had a friend in High School and college, in college she was raped. This was an extremely intelligent, beautiful, popular and outgoing person, she has never fully recovered. However, she found other ways to make her life meaningful, she has 3 wonderful children and is utterly devoted to them and her family.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
My question to you, is this: Would you rather your relative be held captive like Amanda Berry, Or dead like my sister?
No clue, and I hope I and no one else never have to find out.

I would lean toward captive just because it is not as final, but something like that would be extremely difficult for someone to overcome in their life. I had someone very important to me murdered by a drunk driver, never got the chance to see if she could overcome the trauma both mentally and physically from the accident, but I really wish I would have given the chance to find out and help.

I will say one thing, they kill or capture one of my relatives; they better pray the law finds them first. Most of my family is not as forgiving or soft hearted as me.

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