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I don't want them to play it just to see great writing (every author has been reading quality books, most of them don't become great authors).
I want them to play it so they can:
Copy the mission structure (having the order you do missions affect the missions to a fair extent).
Realize that sticking with a limited cast and letting you interact with them in several hubs makes you care about them (having Albatross send in the cavalry in Taiwan if you befriended him in Russia for instance).
-It also makes even fetch quests interesting (gathering intel for Scarlet comes to mind)
-It also allowed the dossier system to work.
-Oh, and let them react to your actions if they know about them (If you ghost missions, they won't know you did it.)
Copy the perks system.
Adopt the timed conversations, and then use it to stress you the hell out where appropriate (Ice cream man, being one good example)
Slap the player gently on the wrists for playing like a gamer, not a spy (like going to a meeting with a civilian in full combat gear).
Realize that if a mystery is better left unsolved, don't solve it.

Oh, and understand that it's perfectly fine to give the player a dozen choices for the final mission, instead of simply adding an ending-o-tron.

edit: Ooops, massive rant, guess I'm really annoyed that those ideas seem to have been ignored.

Checking out seems not to do much.

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