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So I finished Makeb with my gunslinger and ran the staged weekly and some of the dailies. Mob after mob after mob.

My Commando still needs to finish Makeb and I need to start with my other toons.

But gearwise I have noticed my cybertech can make the 28 gear. Yet the mods you get from the gear in the basic comms are different. IE you can get Adept mod 28 but your cyber only gets a schem for 28A which is more towards you main stat and less for power or crit. (I can't remember which it is for Adept off the top of head).

It seems the gear you get with the basic comms is more towards endurance than main stat. Should I still be stacking main stat above everything else even if it means sacrificing power and crit.

Like for my sorc I made a bunch of resolve armor 28's purple and the 2 mods that give you power or crit but the mods you get from the basic gear vendor when you buy the gear give you less willpower by like 20 but more power or crit by like 20.

Would it be better to use the mods they give you instead of swapping out and using augments to replace the willpower you could have gotten?

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