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Originally Posted by Pho3nix View Post
I'm always willing to help, as I'm sure many in the guild are. Or as Hassat pointed out, asking in the area might get you the help, especially if you explain why (maybe someone there might know the solution as well).

@Eefluxx: Seijin (TWC's GM) pretty much laid it out nice and simple on our forum, I'm sure he won't mind me quoting him here:

Originally Posted by Seijin
For just about every DPS spec, it seems as if the best way to maximize your damage is to gear according to the following rules:

Always take Power over Critical Rating.
Always you the unlettered Mod as this contains the most total Main Stat + Power.
Always Augment with Main Stat augments.
Get Accuracy to 110% (for Force/Tech attacks) and then stack Surge after that. Alacrity also extremely shallow, especially relative to Surge and Accuracy is way better than both of them.

From what I have seen with parse data is that full power has about a 5% edge in DPS over crit/power.

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