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Games you have spent most time with

Title says it all really, which games have you played most and why? I'm curious because most of the ones on my list are not exactly the ones I'd consider the "best games of all time", while my absolute favorites don't make the list at all.

1: Rome Total War: Why? Because each campaign takes forever to finish, most of the factions are different enough to be fun, and it's the total war game with the most diverse unit roster.

2: Icewind Dale 2: Why? Because who needs a good story when the game play is so good? Sadly, it probably makes the list more for the lack of similar games than for how good it is. And who knows, the next time I'm stuck with an under powered laptop I might even finish it.

3: Morrowind: Why? Levitation spells, something Skyrim is badly in need of thanks to its enormous Cliff Racers.

4: Mech Warrior 4: Mercenaries: Like with IWD2 this probably has a lot to do with lack of similar games, though the fact that I was unable to complete one mission for several years (even on easy) probably contributed.

5: Jedi Academy: No, it's not a masterpiece, but as long as it remains the best force powered-badass sim, I'm going to keep playing it.

6: Every other total war game after Rome.

7: Dynasty warriors 4: What can I say, split screen multiplayer is uncommon on PC.

8: Planescape Torment. Only finished it once, but changing the nature of a man takes time.

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