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it worked!!)

Many thanks to bgbennyboy's, the lazy i am but with his comments and software i ripped all the major ambient audio tracks from Afterlife. I didn't include small tracks (except nice one), 'cause it can be interesting only for extreme fans :P

P.S. also thanks to SyntheticGerbil! I'm sure i would drop it all without your encouraging "went ahead and looked through all of the files anyways" (P.S. For those who will do it yourself, know, that on the step 7 all the audio files will have names from 65538 till 69329)

I have converted files to .mp3 and uploaded it here:
Audio seems a little unclean to me, but it was so after ripping, maybe it's the same in the game. I don't know, if it can be helped :P
If you're interested in tracks like "theme 04", i suggest you searching for raga (i think some tracks were inspired by indian traditional music)
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