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The Curse Of Monkey Island MIDI music

The OldSchool project gave me an idea:
what if I sequenced note-by-note, instrument-by-instrument some of the great tracks played by top quality players (including Michael Land himself on electric bass) in this great game?

I tried to capture every single note (man, even the errors, when possible), even with the limitations of General Midi (for instance, timbales have a great variety of sounds, even though they are just two pieces of drums, and General Midi has only got two sounds for them, high and low).

So far, here they are:

Stan's theme:

Download! (click here)

Download VST Version, to see the similarities with the original one, just for fun

Wally's theme:

Download! (click here) (WILL BE UPDATED SOON because of some percussions related inaccuracies)

The intro! Or at least, the catchy part of it:

Download! (click here)

Work in progress:

- Main theme (!):
Only misses 2 steel drums tracks and it's done.

Let me know what you think, your opinion on this is really important!

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